Creepy Halloween Skeleton Face Masks Pair, 'Creepy Halloween'

Made By Asha Prabha, India

Product Description

Crafted from three layers of cotton, these creepy reusable face masks are sure to be the hit of your virtual Halloween party. Two contoured masks with elastic ear loops--one black with white embroidery, the other white with black--are presented by India's Asha Prabha. Please wash masks before wearing for the first time.

Product Details & Sizing

Machine washable

Use no longer than 8 hours before washing

Non-medical grade

Materials: 100% cotton, elastic

Meet the artisan Jude teamed up with

Asha Prabha, India

I was born in 1948 to a conservative family in Delhi. It was necessary for a girl to know cooking, stitching and embroidery apart from all the other household chores. Necessity became passion, and I started teaching sewing and embroidery to younger generations, including my two daughters.

When my husband shifted our residence to a village far from the city, I found myself teaching stitching and embroidery to new admirers — my neighbors. I started teaching them free of cost.

"I began with dresses and slowly moved to home décor and utilitarian designs like cushion covers, floor mats, handbags, belts, and more. As the number of students grew, so did the demand for our work. Our first customers were our many relatives and friends, then gradually we began offering our designs to shops.

"Little by little, I found I was no longer only a homemaker but also a working woman with seven to nine ladies assisting me. My main concentration has always been on quality.

"I am very much excited to work with you, as I think your concept is unique and I'm excited to be able to sell our designs directly to people overseas."

Jude, CEO

Meet the Boss

My name is Jude. I wanted to start The Jackpot because I wanted to start my own business, and bring beautiful things to my customers. Hope you like what I picked out!