Artisan Crafted Fish Shaped Ceramic Ocarina Vessel Flute, 'Black Red Beige Fish'

Made By Felix Carballo, None

Product Description

I was inspired by the beauty of sea life, confides Felix Carballo about this fish-shaped ocarina vessel flute. The Nicaraguan artisan crafts the ceramic ocarina by hand detailing the fish scales with a bicycle spoke and eyes with a fine paint brush. Carballo prepares the different colors by pulverizing stones and using a brush to splash the color, successfully achieving an aged effect. This ocarina features two tonal perforations on either side of the main fin, and the mouth piece is at the tail.

Ocarinas are one of the oldest musical instruments on the planet. Originally designed like a vessel with up to 13 perforations, ocarinas are now crafted in a variety of styles.

Product Details

  • Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
  • Instrument Rating: Beginner quality, intended for casual use

Materials: Ceramic

Meet the entrepreneur Jude teamed up with

Felix Carballo, None

I am a Nicaraguan ceramist who loves art, colors, and all means of expression. I'm not that old – I was born in 1954 and I grew up in a loving family surrounded by nature, lots of sun and warm weather.

I come from an indigenous community in San Juan de Oriente who has inherited this artistic tradition. Ceramics is part of our village – it is something we are born with. You don't learn ceramic art, you live it.

"We've always been poor and experienced many hardships for lack of money. I was a sickly child, which put a strain on the family finances as my parents struggled to make ends meet. I never went to school, but I learned to read and write because I wanted to. I even developed an acceptable calligraphy, and that makes me very happy. It means I can communicate, tell the time, and all those things one takes for granted when you already know them.

"I always wanted to succeed at something, so I'd spend a lot of time with my mother as she worked with ceramics. I got to know her secrets so that one day I could use them in my work.

"Eventually I started crafting my own pieces, decorate them and start selling them. Now we've made a little space at home where we work and share as a family. We all contribute to the family finances.

"I've become very interested in crafting ocarinas. Today's ceramists seem to have forgotten all about them but I love them. The sounds of the ocarina make me think of my childhood, the sounds of the forest, the birds, the wind and the water.

"That's why I hope you like them too! Gracias!"

Jude, CEO

Meet the Boss

My name is Jude. I wanted to start The Jackpot because I wanted to start my own business, and bring beautiful things to my customers. Hope you like what I picked out!